babyMaternity Retailer August 2016 - Page 12

Editor’s CHOICE Pacific Baby Brilli Baby PRIMO Pacific Baby is an award-winning alternative feeding company that produces a unique range of thermal steel baby bottles and all natural bamboo-based table ware for babies.  Our bottles are made of highgrade stainless steel and keep hot or cold up to 10 hours.  With different tops they can be used from birth to five years old.  Our natural feeding plates, bowls and spoons are made primarily from natural bamboo, are anti-bacterial, durable, biodegradable, and can be dish-washed without problem.  They are 80% handmade as well, and look and feel like a great natural product for mom’s who want to minimize plastic use when feeding baby. Based in Salt Lake City, Pacific Baby is sold in over thirty countries around the world, and tries its best to bring healthy, innovative and practical products to market for the benefit of parents and children everywhere. Brilli Baby is a woman owned business started in Texas, with a focus on providing brilliant solutions for today’s family. Their vision is to create simple, innovative solutions to common problems, but with style and uncompromising quality. All Brilli Baby products are designed, invented, and manufactured in Dallas, TX under the highest quality control. Safety testing is conducted in the US adhering to strict standards for the protection of children. This year, they are introducing their new line of ergonomic, heat resistant, reusable, eco-friendly, dishwasher safe straws, HotSips. PRIMO specializes in baby care and parenting essentials that answer common needs with creativity.  We fuse practicality with imagination to craft innovative family products.   Our approach to designs is exciting, fun and forward thinking, resulting in better solutions for parents everywhere.   Most PRIMO baths and potties are Made in the USA and are known for quality and extended useful product lives. The PRIMO EuroBath is known worldwide for safety and support while bathing both newborns and toddlers.   The Folding Bath Stand and the EuroSpa Bath and Changing Center help to ease mom’s back aches when bathing her baby.  Our new Charli Chair is perfect for apartments and homes without a bath tub.  Now parents can shower with their baby.  The PRIMO potties offer a range of toilet training solutions for any child. Our new Bebitza line of nursing shawls offers luxurious fabrics with styles that offer mothers freedom, mobility and comfort.  The Antibacterial Baby Series provides a germfree environment for nursing babies.  The shawls can also be used as stroller and car seat covers. 801.386.5328 10 | Why choose Brilli Baby products? • Cup Catcher is the only sippy cup/toy tether awarded a patent as a safety tether to reduce the risk of constriction. • Made from durable, dishwasher safe, FDA grade material that is designed to protect children from bacteria and germs compared to fabric tethers. • Cup Catcher’s soft material features multi-purpose designs perfect for gumming and tactile stimulation. • Brilli Baby focuses on fostering pride in the community by utilizing the Dallas Citizens Development Center to assemble their products. The CDC employs adults and veterans with intellectual, mental, and physical disabilities. 973.926.5900