B4Y Mag Issue #17 May 2019 May 2019 Issue #17 B4Y - Page 93

Unlike me, the Dominican guys could actually dance, as in, they were legit- imately trained. They’d pull crazy Magic Mike type moves. They’d pick the girls up, fling them in the air, put them on their shoulders, simulate fellatio, the works. Meanwhile, I would just kind of like grind up on them. People liked to touch me, that’s all. The big thing they liked to do was to grab or slap my ass. It didn’t bother me. Anyway, that bachelorette party was pretty tame. It was the farthest thing from that classic porn fantasy of, like, a giant orgy with hot babes. When- ever I told my boys what I did, they’d be like, “Oh man, you must be getting pussy left and right.” I mean, I guess could’ve gotten my fill of male ass, but that’s not my thing. I had a girlfriend at the time, and she trusted me. That’s all I needed. 93