B4Y Mag Issue #17 May 2019 May 2019 Issue #17 B4Y - Page 79

Going to the toilet There will only be shit in the anal canal if you need to take a shit. When any- thing goes into your arse (a cock, dildo, finger) it triggers the same in-built sensory response that occurs when you need to take a shit. This is because the anal canal is full, so the brain reacts as if the rectum is full of shit, even when it is not. Once you are used to this feeling it becomes less of a worry but it can help if you clear the passageways (take a dump) before having sex. Try not to force it – if you need to go, you’ll know. If you get this sensa- tion when a cock is going in your arse, relax and remind yourself that it’s OK – your arse is full, but only with cock. Needing to piss Getting fucked can also make you feel like you need to take a piss. This commonly occurs in positions where the receptive partner is on his back. What’s happening here is that the bladder is resting directly on to the rec- tum. As his cock (or a sex toy) pushes into the arse, it’s effectively pushing the bladder up, prodding it. This prodding gives the sensation that you need to piss. If your bladder is empty, you will probably find that adopting a differ- ent position will make a difference. 79