B4Y Mag Issue #16 February 2019 February 2019 Issue #16 B4Y - Page 98

#14 #16 Torsten Sven Basquiat Ullman 16- Cute blond Czech boy Sven Basquiat was quite present on Freshmen last year. He took part in their Viva Colombia series and was great to watch in his 11 hardcore scenes and in their behind-the-scenes coverage. In real life Sven is a pro runner and blogger, and a vegan. Usually more of a bottom, he had one flip fuck with hot boy Orri Aasen. And just recently I brought you Sven worshipping Joel Birkin‘s su- per-cock 17- Introduced in 2014, Nate Donaghy is still very active and has releases on both BelamiOnline and Freshmen. As a born top with a huge cock, every newcomer sooner or later has to mount that massive dong of Nate. Well, at least those ones that bottom. Nate is your Czech version of the boy-next-door. They say he’s rather introvert- ed and phlegmatic. But definitely a very reliable model and hot to watch in his hardcore scenes. 18- Cute Czech boy Pip Caulfield took part in their Viva Colombia and Jambo Africa series. Which means lots of travelling, and lots of hot fucking. He’s equally liked on both sites because of his great looks and super friendly personality. Pip can also be quite entertaining in the behind-the-scenes videos. And can be quite a horny boy when he had a few drinks too many. As happened in Colombia on a few occasions. 98