B4Y Mag Issue #16 February 2019 February 2019 Issue #16 B4Y - Page 94

#10 Helmut Huxley 10- Happy and handsome Helmut Huxley ! He’s the #2 on BelamiOnline and it’s a it surprising that on Freshmen, he’s just #10. Although he took part in their year long series Viva Colombia. I always enjoy watching Helmut, especially in their behind- the-scenes videos together with his partner Jerome Exupery. He’s quite funny, some- times childish and always horny. And that big long schlong is quite attractive, too. 11- Well, I am a bit indifferent about new boy Fabien Jacq. And surprised he’s so much liked by their members. Definitely a cute twink, he’s maybe a bit too boyish for my taste. They have already filmed 12 scenes with him, so there is more to come on Freshmen. 12- As I already wrote in the HotYoungFuckers BelAmi TOP 20 (see here), Joa- quin Arrenas was never really on my radar until I saw him in their Viva Colom- bia series this past year. And there I fell in love with him. As their only native speaker, he’s partly of Spanish origin, he was also part of their production team in Colombia. And helped the other guys as a translator. He’s very handsome with a great body, su- 94