B4Y Mag Issue #16 February 2019 February 2019 Issue #16 B4Y - Page 90

4- Super handsome young Czech stud Enrique Vera is actually the #1 of my BelAmi TOP 20 2018 (see here). His very good rating on Freshmen here still is a bit surprising. Enrique only had 3 releases on Freshmen in late 2018. But since that was around the time, the voting system was implemented on Freshmen, their members were well aware what a hot young stud he is. Still, I see him more on BelamiOnline in the future. Let’s see if that will hurt his ranking here. But what’s not to like about a handsome young stud who’s also a great performer? 5- I have written a lot about Hungarian hottie Lars Norgaard here on HotYoungFuckers (see here) and his “special situation”. And I don’t feel like warm- ing up old stories again. His latest release on Freshmen is from November 2017. But their members still love him. Since he’s so handsome, and so blond, and so very well equipped. And let’s leave it with that. Could have, should have, but didn’t. 6- I think it’s great that the Freshmen members appreciate Bastian Dufy so much. Since he’s definitely not a freshmen anymore. But it’s always a pleasure to watch this horny young stud in action. There are 13 hardcore videos with Bastian stuff- ing his fat cock up various newcomers. And one, his first on Freshmen, where a hung newcomer stuffed his huge cock up Bastian’s bubble butt. And that newcomer was Charlie Bogard, aka Tommy Hunter. #4 Enrique Vera 90