B4Y Mag Issue #16 February 2019 February 2019 Issue #16 B4Y - Page 89

FRESHMEN TOP 20 MODELS 1- Introduced in late 2017, hot Czech boy Kirk Gauguin was part of their Viva Colombia cast last year. He’s very handsome with an athletic body and a big uncut cock. Kirk has a boyish charm and was a pleasure to watch in their behind-the-scenes coverage Colombian Tapas (BelamiOnline). I am a bit surprised he’s the #1, but defi- nitely a guy with a lot of potential. My favorite scene of him this past year was Kirk fuck- ing Colombian boy Mario Borges 2- Tall and very hung Slovak Kieran Benning doesn’t appear all the fresh anymore. Since he took part in both of their big anniversary series Viva Colombia on Freshmen and Jambo Africa on BelamiOnline, he’s quite present on both sites. Kieran is the type of guy you just have to like. He has a great personality, a huge cock and is very versatile. And fun to watch in his hardcore scenes as well in behind-the-scenes videos. 3- Just like the Freshmen members, I am a big fan of handsome Hungarian newcom- er Kian O’Connor . Those cute freckles, that athletic body and the big and thick cock make him a great discovery. Although introduced in late 2017, they are just slowly starting to bring more regular updates with Kian. He’s part of their new Freshmen se- ries BootCamp. So we will get to see much more of him now on a regular basis. #3 Kian O’Connor 89