B4Y Mag Issue #16 February 2019 February 2019 Issue #16 B4Y - Page 26

OFFENSIVELY LARGE: BRIAN, PETER & JACK And here is the second part of this weekend’s Offensively Large instalment from Bela- miOnline featuring Brian Jovovich, Peter Annaud and Jack Harrer! In case you missed part 1 with Brian Jovovich fucking Peter Annaud, click here to see it. I already mention in that post, that I would have preferred to see Peter as a top. Well, in part 2, my wishes come true. But first, it’s all about big star Jack Harrer and his fat cock. But once all dicks have been sucked and Brian’s ass prepared for the action with a wet rimjob, Peter quickly makes sure, he’s the first to fuck Brian. And suddenly, Jack finds himself in the unthankful role as an extra, standing there and holding the other boys’ legs while they fuck. And for once, nobody seems to care about his huge throbbing cock. Maybe that’s because Peter’s dick is even thicker then Jack’s, so Brian seem to think, the bigger, the better. And Peter already had enough dick up his hot ass in part 1, when Brian fucked him. 26