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Council welcomes funding announcement for Gosford City centre and calls for improved consultation Central Coast Council has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts of a $52 million funding injection for infrastructure and public space in Gosford. Mayor Jane Smith said that investment in the Gosford City Centre was welcomed, however Council would be calling for an extension to the public exhibition period to the end of July on the planning changes proposed. “Whilst the promise of $52 million is certainly welcome, we need to ensure the proposed changes to planning controls serve the community’s best interests,” Mayor Smith said. “Council and the community need to examine in detail these proposed planning controls to ensure decisions for Gosford are inclusive of both Council and the community. “That is why I will be asking the CEO to look very closely at the announcement and ask for an urgent briefing to Council from the Department of Planning and Environment and NSW Government Architect’s Office on the implication of the announcements made today particularly relating to traffic and parking management. “We need to understand what this means for Council’s development of a comprehensive Local Environment Plan, and how they will contribute to the planning landscape but more importantly what it means for our community. “In fact we will hold at least two workshops to gauge community views and to ensure they are active participants in the future of the Gosford CBD.” “There is already an approved $1.79 billion of developments in the Gosford CBD area and Council is paving the way for the revitalisation of the city centre. “It’s vitally important that today’s announcement builds on this foundation and that the planning initiatives, proposed by the NSW Government, serve to complement rather than confuse the long term, sustainable advancement of Gosford as the regional capital of the Central лt)MɍܹɅйܹعԽչݕ̵չ)չеȵ͙ɐ䵍ɔ̵ȵɽٕ)ձхѥ+qAɽ͕́Ѽɽ́ͥѱ䁥)ѡɕѥѥٕи չ́Ё)ѡЁѡչݥٔ՝ѥѼ٥܁)ѡɅЁ͙ɐ ɔMхє٥ɽхA)A䁅M%ɅՍɔ ɥѥх)ѡ ձхѥAȁȁѡЁݼٕɹЁɍѕ)ɕ̰ݥѡ9M\ٕɹЁѼѕ)ѡ́ѥ+q չѡչ͡ձЁѡЁѡ)ɕ٥хͅѥѡ͙ɐ䁍ɔӊéɥѥѡЁݔ)ɕЁѡɔѡɽمɽ́)ٕлt(