Awards & Imaging October 2016

October Newsletter 2016 What is Sandcarving? Sandcarving can be referred to as sandblasting, engraving, glass etching or sand etching. All of these terms are synonymous and general in use. Sandblasting has been around for many decades in the decorative and architectural industries. Picture a glass trophy that has a design etched or engraved in its surface. Sandcarving, also known as sandblasting, is the process used to produce that effect. It is one of the simplest and most accessible methods for personalizing or decorating glass, crystal, marble, stone and other surfaces. What Rayzist Photomask, Inc. do and a bit of history Rayzist Photomask, Inc. is a direct manufacturer of sandcarving systems with sandblasting cabinets and sand carving equipment designed specifically for personalization on a multitude of surfaces. Using a sandcarving film which is photo sensitive, allows you to etch a design onto the surface of your product. SR2000 and SR3000 photoresist film, manufactured by Rayzist Photomask Inc. are two sandblasting photoresist films that enable you to achieve not only the most intricate detail but also has a durability that is second to none and allows you to achieve a generous depth to almost any surface while engraving. This versatile sandblasting film is also great for multi level stage carving, gold leaf and paint fills. Ultimate Jaguar Trophy earns gasp from crowd The combination of the world-renowned logo of Jaguar combined with the elite image of a Concours of Elegance held at Windsor Castle and you have the perfect inspiration for the ultimate trophy. Designed and produced by Special EFX, the client reported: “The trophy looked magnificent and even drew a collective gasp from the crowd as it came out of the box”. The royal venue proved to be one of the most picturesque and popular venues ever for a Concours of Elegance. Over a thousand cars were on display the weekend 2-3 September and a crowd of around 12,500 gathered to admire. The event was heralded by the magnificent spectacle of 60 cars processing up Windsor Castle’s Long Walk – a historic occasion never to be forgotten. XK120 DHC Wins Ultimate Jaguar Trophy The Jaguar Trophy was especially designed and made in mirror-finished nickel plated aluminium and then boldly engraved. The result is a trophy worthy of a competition which embodies the impeccable attributes of the stunning automobiles on display. The competition for the trophy was tough – 90 historic Jaguars were scrutinised by the panel of judges. The ultimate winner was an immaculately restored Jaguar XK120 DHC. One can but dream! The annual Concours of Elegance raises funds for good causes and this year made total donations of almost £200,000 to The Queen’s Choral Foundation, The Household Cavalry Foundation and Springfield Youth Club in Hackney. Stencil making for this industry began with designing, tracing, and then hand cutting or machine plotting; this was the process of creating a template for the engraved image. Photoresist was first introduced into the market in the early 1980’s. The ability to produce photographically rather than manually revolutionized the sandcarving industry. Rayzist Photomask, Inc. gave demonstrations to visitors at Euro Trophex 2016, you can watch it using this link: Register today to visit Trophex 2017