AVS Newsletter November 27 2017

AVON VALLEY SCHOOL MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD TEACHER Fortnightly News November 27th 2017 Dear Parents and Carers, The school was full of activity this Saturday with students busily rehearsing for our school production of ‘A Christmas Carol.’ It is delightful to see the level of commitment from students and staff; they put immense amounts of time and energy into the production and with the opening night only three weeks away now, the pressure is certainly building. If you haven’t yet bought tickets for the show, please do go online to the school gateway to book your seats. The show will be a real ‘Christmas Treat’ and I don’t want you to miss out! It is always good to have something to look forward to and the back end of November tends to be quite a hard time for staff and students. Dark days and cold weather, staff and students getting tired, the gloss of the new school year well and truly worn off – it can be hard going for all. It is also a time when standards start to slip and over the last few days I have dealt with several students who are breaking our school dress code. Avon Valley is a lovely warm building at this time of year and students do not need to wear coats and scarves inside the building. Doing so inevitably leads to conflict, so please remind your child that if they don’t comply with our expectations they will be creating unnecessary friction with staff and may well find that their items have been confiscated until the end of the day. With 30 shopping days left till Christmas I am sure many of you will be feeling the edge of panic over the amount of present buying and preparation that will be needed before the 25 th December finally arrives. Schools break up very late this year and we still have four more weeks of term time. It is important that students remain focused on learning and that thoughts of festivities to come are kept at bay until the last week of term. Please support us by talking to your child about the importance of using school time effectively and keeping going until the last week finally arrives. With Christmas dinners, Gold Book assemblies and the staff panto to look forward to, we will have plenty of opportunity to relax a little and share Christmas joy together. Alison Davies Head Teacher Don’t forget to follow @AvonValleySch on Twitter and AvonValleySchool on Facebook for up-to-date information and news