AVS Newsletter May 11 2018

AVON VALLEY SCHOOL MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD TEACHER Fortnightly News May 11th 2018 Dear Parents and Carers With the GCSE exams starting next week and the Year 11s on the cusp of leaving school, it is time to look to the future and, in the next couple of weeks, I will be leading an assembly with Year 9 around the appointment of the school’s prefects for next year. The students who choose to apply for prefect posts need to complete an application form and will be interviewed for the positions by the Achievement Leaders from each house. At the same time, I will be completing an interview process with Year 10 students for the posts of senior prefects including the prestigious positions of Head Boy and Head Girl. If you have a child in Year 9 or 10 please do encourage them to apply for these posts. The opportunity to take on extra responsibility in the upper school gives students the chance to give something back to the school and to develop greater independence. Today I was impressed to hear that Blayne Bennett, a Year 7 student from Phoenix House, has been so inspired by the work that he has been doing around the topic of homelessness in his PSHE lessons with Miss Vella that he has set out and single handedly raised over 1000 pounds for ‘Help the Homeless’ in Rugby. It is always pleasing to see our students determined to do something to help others less fortunate than themselves and, alongside this major achievement, we have had several other groups of Year 7 students from Miss Vella’s class ‘changing the world’ by raising funds for charities of their choice by running events in the school foyer. Speaking of charity, we are currently one of the three choices in the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ initiative and we would greatly appreciate your support when you pop into the local Tesco to do your shopping. Please do vote for us and help us to secure this funding which will benefit both our students and the local community. We would love to be the most popular choice as this would trigger a £4000 grant to put towards our community garden scheme! Alison Davies Head Teacher Don’t forget to follow @AvonValleySch on Twitter and AvonValleySchool on Facebook for up-to-date information and news