AVS Newsletter June 06 2018

AVON VALLEY SCHOOL MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD TEACHER Fortnightly News 29th June 2018 Dear Parent/Carer, One of my many duties as Headteacher is to safeguard the students in my care and it concerns me that currently we have a number of students who are showing very little traffic sense on the roads. In particular, a spate of irresponsible road use by cyclists seems to be the latest craze and in this newsletter you will see information from the police regarding their concerns about young people acting irresponsibly and failing to follow the rules of the road. It would be incredibly sad if it takes an accident to one of our students to bring home the need to act responsibly on the roads so please do speak to your child about their road use, be it as pedestrian or cyclist, to ensure that they continue to travel safely to and from school and around the town over the holidays. As we move into the last few weeks of term, the senior leadership team always spend time setting targets for the next academic year. I am sure many of you will have noticed that there has been a significant amount of press coverage of the use, or otherwise, of mobile phones in schools. After serious consideration of the evidence around phone use we will be tightening our policy up next year so I do want to share with you in advance some alterations to our rules. As from the start of the autumn term phones usage will not only be banned in classrooms but in corridors too. If students wish to use their phones they will need to go outside the building. Additionally, the use of earphones during the day will be prohibited, unless their use is required within a specific lesson, so students who walk around the school with earphones dangling around their neck or in their ears will have them confiscated. On a more positive note, I am writing this at my desk shortly before getting ready for the Year 11 Prom. I look forward to seeing some of you here this evening for the arrivals at 6.30pm and am confident that the Class of 2018 will have a wonderful evening that they will remember forever. Alison Davies Headteacher Don’t forget to follow @AvonValleySch on Twitter and AvonValleySchool on Facebook for up-to-date information