AVS Newsletter June 06 2018 - Page 9

Design Technology News Key Stage 4 Design & Technology ‘The End of an Era’ In my last newsletter article, I spoke in depth of the ever-changing curriculum in Design & Technology and the impact it would have on Year 10 and Year 9 students. Year 10 students have just been issued with their final contextual challenges, of which they must choose one to take forward for the next academic year. There are exciting times ahead as students figure out the path they wish to take with these challenges. As these year groups undertake their new GCSE in Design & Technology it is time to say goodbye to GCSE Product Design which I have taught for the last 14 years, and to celebrate the work of our Year 11 students. Many students have spent mornings, lunchtimes and after school working on their portfolios and final outcomes as well as in their lessons, to ensure they achieve the best possible results. I have included some photos of some of the work that has been produced by 15-16-year olds at Avon Valley School. I am very proud of what they have done and as we head to the end of June, we start to focus on the 2-hour examination still to be undertaken. Product Design is the last exam of the season and I have arranged two revision conferences for the students to participate in to ensure all knowledge and understanding is met. The dates are: Option C – Wednesday 20 th June 8.50am – 1.00pm Option D – Thursday 21 st June 8.50am – 1.00pm The final exam starts at 9am on Friday 22 nd June. Parents/Carers of Year 11 students, please ensure your child has all of the correct equipment – including pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener, ruler and colouring pencils.