AVS Newsletter June 06 2018 - Page 6

Science News We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all Year 11 students who have completed their GCSE examinations in Science, with some students sitting six separate papers. Our main focus is now looking towards ensuring Year 10 get the preparation for their examinations early to ensure the very best success next summer. We welcomed the new Year 7s in September and threw them straight into a brand new Science curriculum. We are focussing on the National Curriculum in a way that incorporates a love of learning and discovery, independence, curiosity, communication and determination. The students have approached it with immense enthusiasm and enjoyed the principle of investigating what they are interested in. Year 8 have now come to the end of their Key Stage 3 content in Science and are now preparing for their end of year examinations. This preparation will ensure our students are well prepared for starting the new AQA Synergy GCSE specification in September. Year 9 and 10 have been working hard this year ensuring a smooth transition from KS3 into the GCSE specification, with Year 9 being entered for the new AQA Synergy GCSE specification. Many schools organise their curriculum by drawing on the experience of two teachers. Science teachers tend to be more confident around either the life sciences or the physical sciences and Science learning is enriched when teaching draws on different areas that can be naturally linked together. Scientific content has been divided into two main sections, which connects areas of biology, physics and chemistry, that sit together as part of good science. Year 9 and 10 are now sitting mock examinations in Science and so it is important that students are preparing themselves for these upcoming examinations. Maths Essentials MATHS EXAM PACK Value Math Set £2.00 each CALCULATOR Aurora-595 £8.00 £6.00 NEW The Aurora AX- SRW66F2gVvVWG'6WBFW&&SP66VFf267VF"BgVǒG&7&V@7F2V666R6VBG&7&V@B&V7B66R7GVFVBW76VF6W@*3SV6f&Rg&FRF2ff6P