AVS Newsletter June 06 2018 - Page 3

School Information Student Leadership 2018/9 Thank you to the students in Year 9 and Year 10 who have recently completed the application form and have written letters of application to put themselves forward to be student leaders next academic year. Students who have applied from Year 9 have the chance of becoming a prefect. The applicants from Year 10 have put themselves forward to be a House Captain or fulfil a senior student position which includes Head Boy and Girl, or Deputy Head Boy and Girl. We look forward to reading all applications. Digital Parenting We have received 150 copies of the latest edition of ‘Digital Parenting’ magazine. The insightful, publication from the Vodafone foundation and Parent Zone, parents and carers with the latest advice and guidance so they can help their child develop the life skills and knowledge they need to use the online safely and with confidence. If any parents, or carers, would like a copy please contact Miss Hicks and a copy will be sent home. More useful information ands advice can be found on their website. www.vodafone.com/parents Design & Technology - Wanted Items Do you work in an industry relating to Design & Technology? If you or your company would be willing to donate offcuts of wood, plastic or metal then please get in touch. If you work in the card industry and in particular deal in corrugated card and have offcuts of material, then please also get involved. We would like to set up links with outside companies to see how you may be able to support our department. Do you work in the Textiles indust ry? If you have spare balls of coloured wool or any woven coloured fabrics then please get in touch. Your support would be greatly appreciated.