AVS Newsletter June 06 2018

AVON VALLEY SCHOOL MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD TEACHER Fortnightly News 15th June 2018 Dear Parents/Carers, It has been a busy fortnight and, with the majority of the GCSEs now completed, staff and students were able to enjoy the Year 11 Leavers assembly on Wednesday. I have been really impressed with how well the class of 2018 have risen to the challenge of the new exam specifications and the heavy exam load they have carried. They have done themselves and Avon Valley proud and I look forward to seeing them on Prom night for a relaxed evening of celebration. At this time of year, we are looking forward to a variety of end of term activities. One of our Core Values is ‘getting involved’ and I encourage all of you to speak to your children about taking the opportunities that are on offer. Whether it is going on a school trip, taking part in Sports Day, or completing their Pixl Edge activities (year 8 only), it is great to see as many as possible of our students keen to take part in school life and willing to get the best out of what is on offer. It is important that I follow my own advice of course, and this afternoon I am looking forward to setting off to Liddington on the Year 7 PGL trip. I know that the 110 students and the 14 staff involved will have a fantastic (if exhausting!) time and that the activities and social time will form memories for years to come. At a time when we are all becoming more aware of the need to look after the environment, we are working with the students to focus on their care of the school. Mr Phelan has arranged the loan of 40 litter pickers from the council and KS3 students will have the opportunity over the next fortnight to help keep our school environment looking lovely. We hope that this, along with other environmentally friendly activities, will help our young people to appreciate the importance of taking care of our surroundings. Finally, I would like to thank Mr Phelan and Ms Adamou, for their hard work on the new look for this Newsletter. I do hope you enjoy this fortnight’s edition and feel, as I do, that they have given us a clear fresh new layout. Kind regards, Alison Davies Don’t forget to follow @AvonValleySch on Twitter and AvonValleySchool on Facebook for up-to-date information