AVS Newsletter February 16 2018

AVON VALLEY SCHOOL MESSAGE FROM THE HEADTEACHER Fortnightly News 16th February 2018 Dear Parents and Carers, Being the Headteacher of Avon Valley is a massive privilege and it is always a real pleasure to walk round our school during the day and see the very high standards that students are attaining in the classroom. In particular this week, I have enjoyed visiting Mr Whitehead in Science and watching Yr 7 students separating salt from rock salt, and Miss Titman’s Year 11 art class who are in the process of preparing for the final stages of their GCSE course. Strangely, this term, I find myself back in the classroom again as I am covering a Year 9 statistics class. I am finding it a real pleasure to be teaching again and to have the opportunity to work with a group of students over a period of time. The teacher I am covering, Miss Hunter from the maths team, is making a good recovery but I have already told her that I am in no hurry to give her the group back! Despite the pleasure of being at Avon Valley every day working with our students and staff, I feel that we are living in a very difficult educational climate at the moment. Today I have met with Mark Pawsey, our local MP, to express my concern about the lack of funding in education and the lack of appropriate provision for children with Special Educational Needs within Warwickshire. I know in doing this I am adding my voice to many Headteachers across Warwickshire who are very concerned about the squeeze on school services. The government may say we are better funded than ever but, as you all know, schools are responsible for far more than they used to be, and stretching the money to cover our vast range of responsibilities becomes increasingly difficult. Increasingly I find that all too often it is the most vulnerable students within our school system who lose out. I am sure that if you feel as I do and would like to add your voice to mine and that of other Headteachers and parents, Mr Pawsey would be interested to hear from you. I feel that it is important we make ourselves heard, and stand up for our children who have no voice of their own on the political stage. It has been a busy half term and, as we break up today, I know that many students will be looking forward to a well earned rest. Spare a thought though for our Yr 11 students who will be revising for the second week of their mock exams which take place when we return, and for the staff who will be busy marking papers through their ‘holiday’! Alison Davies Headteacher Don’t forget to follow @AvonValleySch on Twitter and AvonValleySchool on Facebook for up-to-date information and news