AVS Newsletter February 03 2018

AVON VALLEY SCHOOL MESSAGE FROM THE HEADTEACHER Fortnightly News 3rd February 2018 Dear Parents and Carers, At the start of February, as the days start to lengthen, I am pleased to be setting off for school in the daylight once again, and this, along with the signs of spring in the garden, adds to the feeling of moving forward in the year. As one of my Deputies pointed out in a staff training session on Wednesday, there are now just 36 days of classroom teaching left before the Year 11 students start their written GCSE papers in the week beginning 14th May – a fact that certainly sharpened the staff’s minds on the task ahead! Almost every Year 11 student is now involved in intervention groups after school, and staff are really working hard to make sure the students get the best possible preparation for their exams. I spend a lot of time checking in on Year 11 and it is really pleasing to see how well they are responding to the pressure of looming exams and also to see how expert the staff are when it comes to coaching the students for the best approaches for the exam. I am confident that this year’s results will see the students gaining high grades on the new 1-9 GCSE exams. Yesterday was a big day for 40 of our brightest mathematicians from Years 9-11 as they sat in silence in the hall taking part in the National Intermediate Maths Challenge. I look forward to reporting back with information on our highest achievers when the results come back to school. The last week of this half term starts with a Splash day on February 12th and I know that students have much to look forward to with outside presenters working with Years 9 and 10, and Year 8 busy on an environment themed project day. It is always a real pleasure to see students having the opportunity to develop skills outside those needed in the traditional classroom setting and so important that students leave with work place skills and self confidence - along with a great set of exam results! I’ll finish with a final reminder about the importance of wearing the correct uniform for school and the need to ensure that all students have a tie of their own on Monday morning as we no longer have a loan system in place. Thank-you as always for your ongoing support. Alison Davies Don’t forget to follow @AvonValleySch on Twitter and AvonValleySchool on Facebook for up-to-date information and news