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ISSUE 2, 2017 Renault Kwid Future tyres will be printed on demand and airless Is this the answer to affordable mobility? SAFE FACTS Wearing a seatbelt reduces the risk of fatal FACTS SEAT-BELTS: THE injury by: Wearing a seat-belt reduces the risk of a fatal injury by: Up to Up to 50 % 75 % for front seat : THE FACTS occupants for rear seat occupants s the risk of a fatal injury by: r both ts – 1 Up to Seat-belt laws should cover both front and rear seat occupants 75 % 105 for rear seat occupants countries have good seat-belt This covers laws in line with best practice Best practice Best practice This covers 4.8 billion people IVECO back in Kenya CEOCHAT: Rita Kavashe, MD GMEA, talks about the environment and used cars