Autistic Spectrum Digest (Autism) Issue 8, June 2014 - Page 6

The News in Review Autism Community’s Responses strongly to the Daily Mail Article – “Recipe for a serial killer?” Parents claim that staff locked up children in darkened room at specialist school Cranbourne East, Victoria, Australia – staff and parents claim that autistic children have been repeatedly locked in a darkened room for up to 20 minutes for misbehaving at Marnebek School. Jake confronts autism bullies in the most public of ways Jake took part in the Bully project, a series of films relating to bullying with the hope of eradicating it entirely. Jake has autism and has been bullied for not interacting and being different. Driving Simulator Helps Individuals with Autism UVA Health System – Dan Cox is leading a research team at the University of Virginia in conjunction with the University of Iowa, to study teens with autism and their driving skills. The University of Iowa is home to the National Advanced Driving Simulator. Autism training sessions help law enforcement North Waterboro, Maine – Matt Brown is an Autism Information Specialist who has been advising law enforcement to overcome the challenges of searching for missing people with autism.