Autistic Spectrum Digest (Autism) Issue 22, September 2015 - Page 57

This illustrates one of many situations in which each person's perception filter caused a complete disconnect between how the situation was perceived on each side. There are also many professional hurdles associated with being on the autism spectrum, and autists are more affected by unemployment than neurotypicals5. I'm privileged in that I've been able to find an environment in which I'm able to work, but many autists aren't so lucky. It's been well documented that people in higher-up positions aren't necessarily the best performers, but often people with the best social skills. With that in mind, imagine what the career opportunities (or lack thereof) can be for someone who is a terrible liar, who has a lot of interest in doing great work, but less interest in taking credit for it, who doesn't understand office politics, who not only makes social missteps and angers their colleagues, but doesn't even know about it, someone who's unable to make small talk around the office. Imagine that person, and what kind of a career they can have even if they're very good at their job. 57