Autistic Spectrum Digest (Autism) Issue 22, September 2015 - Page 33

Autism tends to present differently in women than it does in men. In fact even though two people can be autistic they can show totally different traits. A man who was said to be a classic autistic might not talk much, and may not be able to show his empathy whereas a woman who fitted the classic traits of female autism might be overly empathetic, and not be able to stop talking for instance. The idea of someone having to tick a handful of boxes to be autistic is flawed, and has been for years. There are a lot of boxes people might tick, and they might be totally different from person to person, or from male to female. Females often tend to look as if they are dealing with the challenging aspects of their autism a lot better than males do, but often this is just on the surface . It seems to be easier for women to copy what those around them do, but this can only last for so long. Some women with autism describe trying to fit in as like acting in one giant show; everything they do on the outside world is just copied from someone else, and done to try to be like other females, and this can put huge strain on them. This should not be mixed up with the women/girls trying to be any less autistic - they are not, as a lot of them do not even know they are autistic. The copying is often done subconsciously, and in fact a lot of females with autism are left wanting to know why they find things hard that ever 役