Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 90 - Page 4

Table of Contents 7 TOP TIPS ON HOW TO TRANSITION A CHILD WITH ASD BACK TO SCHOOL Discover specialized strategies for transitioning a child with autism from summer break to a new school year. Annette Nunez, PhD 26 AUTISM THROUGH MY EYES: A SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY WITH DEVEREUX Learn firsthand how a community adult autism partnership program made a tremendous impact on the life of a young woman with autism. Erin Clemens 28 HOW TO BUILD THE ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE WITH AUTISM Learn the key questions to ask when thinking about transition goals, objectives, classroom lessons, and family supports to reach independence. Karen Kaplan 33 THE REMARKABLE WAYS SENSORY GARDENS CAN HELP PEOPLE WITH AUTISM 10 HOW TO GET THE SOCIAL SKILLS CLASS YOUR FAMILY WANTS AND NEEDS Learn how to secure the supportive social skills programming your child requires to thrive. Rachel Bédard, PhD 13 AMAZING NEW WEB SERIES CAPTURES THE CHALLENGES OF AUTISM Meet Jordan and his family in a valuable web series as they learn to live, love, and laugh while balancing the daily challenges of autism. Crystal Ramos 16 BEHAVIOR SUPPORT STRATEGIES FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISM Find out about common characteristics of autism, which can lead to behavioral conflicts and discover ways to design specific strategies to fit each child's situation. Elizabeth Ives Field, MEd, CCC-SLP 19 A FLIGHT OF LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING WITH ASD A businessman shares how his encounter with a mother and child on a plane changed his perspective of parenting a child with special needs. Frank Semmens 22 MEDICAL CANNABIS, AUTISM, AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF MEDICINE Find out how using medical cannabis can help facilitate the treatment of children with chronic conditions from a board-certified pediatrician and leading US authority on medical cannabis. David Berger, MD 4 | Autism Parenting Magazine | Issue 90 Find out how experiencing nature can improve physical, sensory, social, and emotional wellbeing in kids with autism. Amy Wagenfeld, PhD, OTR/L, SCEM, FAOTA, and Marlene Sotelo, EdD, BCBA-D, MT-BC 38 EMPLOYMENT MATTERS…ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE ON THE SPECTRUM Find out about an extraordinary non-profit that develops real job opportunities for people with autism and disabilities. Gregg Ireland 41 WAYS BOOKS, READING, AND WRITING HELPED ME AS AN ASPIE A writer with Asperger's syndrome shares ways he has been able to use reading and writing as tools to better understand emotions. Alan D.D. 43 HOW TO HELP A CHILD WITH AUTISM WITH EMOTIONAL SELF-REGULATION Learn ways to teach a child self-regulation skills to help improve emotional responses to school angst and life stressors. Sam Keller 45 PARENTING MY CHILD WITH AUTISM IS A VALUABLE FULL-TIME JOB A mom reminds fellow stay-at-home parents not to measure success in economic terms as every new skill a child with ASD learns at home boosts development and saves money on future care. Sue Kerstetter