Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 86 - Page 4

Table of contents 7 MAKING THE MOST OF SPRING BREAK WITH AUTISM Find excellent ways to help a child with autism enjoy the school break while keeping up with everyday learning. Brit Smart 11 WHY THE DISCONNECT? ARE PARENTS LIVING A BALANCED LIFE? Find out how to create a more harmonious and balanced family life when someone you love has autism. Stacy Goresko, PhD 15 HELP: MY CHILD WITH AUTISM IS AFRAID TO GO TO THE DENTIST Learn 10 simple tips for preparing a child with autism for a successful trip to the local dentist. Ron Malcolm, EdD 20 FIVE CRITICAL REASONS TO OFFER SUPPORT TO AUTISM SIBLINGS Learn more about how brothers and sisters of people on the autism spectrum can flourish in their role with proper support. Emily Daniels, MSW, RP, MEd 24 5 MYTHS ABOUT GIRLS WITH ASPERGER’S AND SOCIAL GROUPS A special education teacher shares the results of her original research that dispels some of the common myths around girls with Asperger's syndrome. Leigh De Silva 27 TOP THERAPY SERVICES THAT NEED TO BE CONSIDERED WITH AUTISM Learn about the many resources available to parents to help understand children’s special needs. Bala Pillai PT, DPT, MA, PCS 4 | Autism Parenting Magazine | Issue 86 30 THE THIRD PARENT: A LOVING LOOK AT THE ROLE OF AN AUTISM SIBLING This charming piece explores what it was like growing up with an older sibling with autism. Kellie Diodato 33 POETRY CORNER: YOU MAKE ME WONDER... Rachel Alexander 34 HOW DO YOU KNOW IF A CHILD WITH AUTISM HAS A MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER? Find out which signs and behavioral changes to watch for in a child with ASD and when it's appropriate to talk to a doctor about mental health. Joshua Nadeau, PhD 36 WAYS TO PROTECT A CHILD WITH AUTISM FROM CYBERBULLIES Learn simple ways to keep a child with autism stay safe while online. Valerie Malecha 38 AUTISM WARRIOR: COURAGEOUS BOY SHARES WHAT LIFE IS LIKE WITH ASPERGER'S Meet 11-year-old Tyler Inman, author of the honest narrative called Invisible Me which explores the challenges of being different as well as how to live life to the fullest.