Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 74 (Member's Dashboard) - Page 62

WHAT'S NEW ON THE BOOKSHELF? Top Book Guides Parents on the Twists and Turns of Autism I n Strong and Courageous: Encouragement for Fam- ilies Touched by Autism, the author comes along beside you as you maneuver the twists and turns of parenting a child with autism. She guides you through not only the practicalities of each stage but also the emotional dynamics involved in this often puzzling and uncertain journey. You will re- ceive many nuggets of wisdom as she shares from her own experience and from the experiences of those she has counseled. Strong and Courageous will take you through the many steps and stages of autism, from the initial di- agnosis all the way to long-term planning. You will discover just how strong and courageous you really are as you learn to draw upon God’s strength. Your heart will be encouraged as you realize you are not walking this journey alone. Stephanie Murphy offers encouragement for fami- lies touched by autism. She draws not only on her three decades of professional experience as a fam- ily therapist but also on her personal experience as the grandmother of a child with autism. She also shares wisdom from God’s Word and from her own Christian faith. Strong and Courageous is written in an easy-to-read daily format with questions at the end of each section for reflection or discussion. This book is a valuable resource not only for parents but also for their friends and extended family members. Strong and Courageous also provides churches with a dynamic tool to use in small group settings for minis- try to families touched by autism. Stephanie Murphy, LMFT, is a private practice owner and licensed marriage and family therapist in Jackson- ville, Florida. She has 30 years of experience counseling individuals, couples, and families. Stephanie is a clinical fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) [HY[X\وH[Y\X[\X][ۈو\X[[[ܜ PPKH\H۝X]܈و\X\܈\[\XY^[\[Y[]]\H\[[XY^[K\[YK[X]\S][[ܚ]\H]˜\[YX[]\KK\[YH\[H]]܈وHXۙRU KTQKSUQSSˈH\ܛۈ[[[YHܘ[[[[\X][H[Y]\\ؘ[[\Yx&\ܚ\BZ\[ۘ\H[[[H[]\K[HX^Hܙ\\]\]]܈X]KX]N˜\[Y[]\X]]\KB]]\H\[[XY^[H\YH