Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 74 (Member's Dashboard) - Page 60

AUTISM ADVOCACY and give back to their communi- ties even in the midst of autism. The proceeds from this book go to autism charities around the world and provide free “United in Autism” nights out across the country. INSPIRATION: Julie says watch- ing her daughter fight day in and day out to fit in a world that is a puzzle to her, inspires her to challenge herself in all that she does. Julie says her daughter has truly exceeded any expectations placed in front of her, and she couldn’t be more proud of the im- pressive young woman she has become. “We often focus on the child being the puzzle, but each of our kids is fighting to put together a puzzle of his or her own,” she adds. also care for yourself, your spouse, and your other children. Never stop fighting for your child’s future, but remember to take joy in who your child is right now. As you know by now, you can’t al- ways control your path, so find a way to be at peace within the un- expected twists and turns. Allow [\[]Y]HYXKB\ۙ\و[\YKZHH[YB[H[Y\]وH[Z[]H[X[8)ZY ܂H[YHH[Y[۝قHYH]Hۘ\[[Y[[H\]\H\™܈\\YHHYY[و\[[[\[B^H]][\[Z[H\‘SΈY[ۛ[Hܛ BYH[][]H[[\\ۂ[[][]H][[YB^\\[\[\X[B]]\H\[\XHۋBX[\ܝXX[ۙ\š\^K]]\H\YY[ۙK8'\ۛHH\[]B]\8'H[YH^\˂QPHԈSRSQTQP BQHUUTN8'][H[]]]\H[H\X[K[[[ۘ[K[[[X[H^ B]\[ˈ[H\H[ۙK[\\[ۛ[K܈][] B\[[\ۈ[][]H˜\\H\] \H\B[[H[\Y[[K[Y[X\ZHHX\]ۂZ[]]H\\K[܋B[][K\]]\H[\[B\]^K]\[\ܝ[]]\H\[[XY^[H\YH XYKX]\Hو]]\KBܛX[\[[[\ۙ\\H[x)\Z\[ۈܘ[ BY]HH]H[]] ]]\H[XZH[H]\܂]\]Y\ۈHXK[\XKHXۙ[H]BHY[[[\X[[\K^H]ܝ\ ۛH[[BH[[Y[ۙHۈH[YB\^K][H[[H]B[ۙY[H[[\['BX]N[YZܛ˘BXXΈ˙XX˘Kš[YZܛ[]Y[]]\BH[]Y[]]\HXX™ܛ\YY\[[Y BX]ܜH[ݙ\Hܛ