Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 74 (Member's Dashboard) - Page 48

PERSONAL NARRATIVE MY SON, A MAC IN A PC WORLD By Tasha WOOTEN A s a parent of a child diagnosed with autism, I had to adjust to my son’s interests and not my own. It took a lot of practice and patience. Put yourself in your child’s shoes. Imagine a world where everything is chronically overwhelm- ing to all five of your senses. I always say, “My son is a ‘MAC in a PC World.’” He is wired and formatted dif- ferently. Who cares about popularity contests? I had to think more like him. I had to be more complicat- edly formatted as a human.  During meltdowns and behavioral issues, we talk and hug a lot until he is calm. It is the reassurance that helps him relax. In the worst cases, I force him to take a warm bath. Anyone knows a warm bath will relax you within minutes. A blue bath is even better! How do I make him extremely happy? Every day we laugh, sing, and dance. Before he could talk, we used a tablet. Some say hugging is not an option. Try stroking your child’s hair, face, hand, or shoulder, or just smile from across the room. If I am calm, he is calm. If I am angry, R2w'*2&VBRFBFV6FRrFWF*2&VBRFV6FPrF&R&WGFW"W'6CWF6&VFrvR77VRs@*F6vFV2FW"F6זV"ЦBVFW"v2f'7Bw&FR*R0'&ƖFǒ6'BG6RBfW'f&R*R2FR( ĄU$bDRD( Ц7BWfW'F2672*VFW 2w&VBW'2B&W7V7G2WfW'RR&RFRǒ6BfFW&W72BfR'FW"'WBR27FFRW7BBV'F*&V6W6RvRVv6rF6RBFRv&Ц&F2*