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Reading Can Make You Happier and Content There are some of us, who have trouble dealing with the emotional challenges of our daily lives. The idea of immersing yourself in the fantasy world, where problems of book charac- ters and life and death situations makes your existential problems seem like child’s play. Read- ers generally follow the idea of including Vi rginia Woolf’s commitment and passion to serendipity in their personal reading choices. Readers often find themselves in an evangelic position, when they are so entranced by the book they have read, they consider it their responsibility to intro- duce other people to the similar feelings of happiness and contentment. As a reader, you must have found yourself in a position when you thrust your latest favorite book into the hands of unsuspecting friends, with a peculiar gleam in your eyes, and just a single statement on your lips, “Read this!” As if the whole situation could be simplified by such a short statement. But if your friends have been with you for long they will just sigh and accept their fate. In the long run, they will come to thank you though, for you have bestowed upon them a treasure chest of wisdom. It doesn’t matter if your first true love was a book, most people don’t feel the same way about them. It’s like finding someone who doesn’t like chocolate! Even within the reading community, books mean different things to different people. For some it is a nice way to spend your leisure time, while for others it’s similar to breathing. From taking slight interest in this hobby to making it your obsession and passion are two very different things. But whatever you choose, reading will make you a happy person. And no we are not saying that you only have to read “happily ever after” stories to be a hap- py-go-lucky person, because even if you shed some tears or mentally curse the author for killing the soul mate of a person you were rooting for, you end up loving the book and are never remorseful for your choice to read it in the first place. Reading becomes essential to your life because it gives you such joy. Although, you might find yourself daydreaming about the current book you’re reading, or getting preoccu- pied in the middle of a conversation because you are worried about a book character, gathering up your spiritual resources and shoring up all your emotions for the inevitable next read is just a 8