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Reading Can Make Your Brain Work Faster For people, who list down watching TV or using the internet as their hobby, there’s bad news for you. Doing both of these things does nothing for your intellect and brain activity. On the other hand, people who read books are more likely to be smarter, and have the ability to grasp concepts efficiently. If you read Shake- speare in your leisure time and tried to make sense of The Tempest’s old English narrative, understanding basic assignments would be a piece of cake. Reading can make your brain pedal faster. When you are immersed in a book, the brain is constantly trying to make sense of the words on the page, linking then to the previous storyline and connecting all those little dots, making you aware of the acute twists and turns in a story. Have you ever felt like a phantom feeling that something big is about to happen in the story. It is the feeling before a big twist in the story, which is similar to the silence before a storm. G.R.R Martin is excluded from that, however. Some might say that his unpredict- able knack for delivering deaths upon deaths is unique and unmatched, but well you can’t hate him no matter how many times you have tried. Scientists have deter- mined that our brain has the ability to store information spanning over a whole lifetime. This gigabyte worth of information includes everything that we have ever read so far. This is one of the reasons why our brain has the ability to recall the vague characters and stories that you read in high school. So, the next time you are impressed by your mind to call up the name of the protagonist’s third cousin, twice removed, who was introduced in the prologue, and then was brought up again in the last book of the trilogy, well you have to thank your brain for that. Brain activity is at its peak when you are reading. Absorbing all those emotions and literary words into your mind, trying to comprehend their meanings and anticipating a move before it even happens, bracing yourself for a twist that’s about to happen, and embrac- ing a tragic loss even when your feelings rage against it. Everything we feel while reading a book is aided by our brain and opening our mind, to so many avenues certainly makes our brain sharper and more efficient. 6