Authorship - Page 65

when you are reading a memoir of a person, you might be affect- ed by the events of someone else’s life, and before you real- ize, you would be paying atten- tion to the people in your life. You will make sure that you enjoy every precious moment in your life. Books will not only make you value each moment but will help you record them in your mind securely so that whenever you feel nostalgic you can access that part of your memory to re-live that happy memory again. Overall, these are some of the reasons, why books make us better and brighter. People who read books live a thousand lives. Every book they read is an adventure in itself and they delve deep into the story, thus living every aspect of the tale. A reader can be a knight in shining armor or a teenage girl who has to save the world, they can be an orphan who is the chosen one or the orphan who learns to read amid World War II. A reader can be a hero or a villain. Books teach us that we can be anything and that we must not be afraid to embrace our true self, no matter how bleak the future looks. Books teach us to be brave in the face of treacherous and dangerous situations and choose the right path, even when it is hard, because in order to perse- vere, we must learn to find light in even the darkest of times. “People who read books live a thousand lives.” 64