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Books Can Help You Avoid Digital Menial Attractions Wherever you swerve your eyes, you see teenagers, adults, even children on iPads and their smart devices. This generation is thoroughly immersed in the digital attraction of the technolog- ical world and has somewhat deviated from the path of reading that dominated the lives of people a few decades ago. These digital attractions can hold your focus for a short time, but very soon, they become boring, menial, and monotonous. Books, however, offer a new story and a new world every time we pick one. Whether it’s the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or Lilliput from Gulliver’s Travels, each world is different from another and no matter how many movie adaptations take place, books will never cease to be a source of amazement and authenticity. Books are always better than their movie counterparts, because every character and event is so detailed that translat- ing their concepts on digital streams is not the same experi- ence and hardcore readers have often expressed their displeasure on poor movie adaptations of wonderful books such as Percy Jackson, the Mortal Instruments and the City Of Embers. Books can offer you a quiet world where you can be alone with the story and the characters and no loud noises or advertisements are going to break your concentra- tion and your interest in the story. This is why books are so much better and why they make us better, because unlike digital media, they actually contribute to our intellect and vocabulary, thus making us smarter and brighter. 62