Authorship - Page 62

Books Improve Your Reasoning Skills Life can make or break you and books have taught us that whether you are wrongfully blamed for a murder you didn’t commit or are the victim of a sexual encounter, how you manage to interpret a situation and move forward with your life is what matters the most. Surviving on your basic skills and reasoning with difficult people is what will get you far. Everyone comes across difficult people in their lives, who are not only entrenched in their own ways, but also don’t want anyone else to surpass them. Sometimes you will meet people who will be hypocrites and sometimes you will get your heart broken by liars and cheaters. The trick to surviving is to make sure that you interpret each situation clearly and carefully and understand that it wasn’t your fault and you can take the good out of a bad situation by using your reasoning skills and inner strength. Outsiders are not the only ones who test our resilience and strength, friends and family can sometimes lose their trust in you and cut you out of their lives. Does it mean that you lose hope too and give up all your ambitions to go wallow in the dark? No that’s what books are there for! They teach us to seek justice and to reason with difficult minds. Books teach us that our minds are powerful enough to move mountains and losing control over your life and your identity is not an option. The only option is to use sound reasoning skills to get back on your feet and take back the control of your life. Books teach us that the key to serenity and peace is self-reflection and in a culture where nothing is ever good enough, we can change our destiny. We have the power to look in the face of danger unflinch 61 ingly and to wade through the muddy and murky waters of desperation and hopelessness, into sunshine and clear blue waters, where every- thing seems pure and free of discontent. Reasoning with yourself is the first thing that will let the power of hope bloom within your heart. Books like Push explain that no matter how heart wrenching your life story might be, you can seek redemption and can overcome the impossible odds. As a reader you might not understand why people act unreasonably cruel and selfish, but books will give you an insight into other people’s emotions and you might even begin to understand the twisted way some people think. Books have taught you to deal with the unspoken ugliness of the society, without it affecting your purity and sunny disposition and outlook on life. and this is the greatest treasure and the most precious gift that books have to offer. In a world where no one is happy with anyone, you can at least understand that if you employ reasoning and try to understand other people, you can deal with the dilemmas of faith in humanity on a daily basis.