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Books Make You More Disciplined You must have come across so many book lists that you must read before you die, or turn 30 or 40 and the list goes on really. Nevertheless, to reach that part of your life and to be happy requires that you lead your life with discipline. It’s alright to have fun once in a while, but if your life is a series of parties and outings and you don’t spend enough time taking care of yourself and your health and nurturing your ambitions, then you might as well say goodbye to them, because they are never getting realized without proper discipline and planning. The distractions of adulthood and the menial tasks of life can over- throw you and make you forget about your life’s purpose. 59 Books can help with that. When you think about books that will keep you disciplined and make you remember your life’s goal at all times, you must have a book to relate to. It might be about a chef from a small town that made it big or it might be about a ballet dancer who rose to fame and her “rags to riches” story inspires you. Whatever you want to be in your life and wher- ever you aim to be after 10 years or so, books can help you clarify the objective on your mind thus opening a window of possibilities before you. Sometimes these possibilities might be hidden inside you, but a good book can help you find the inner capabili- ties that make you unique and better than others. Some people are hardworking and intelligent, have an amazing IQ, but still don’t make it big in their lives. The reason for that is the lack of proper guidance. They might have teachers that are not invested in their careers or parents who are too busy with their ݸٕ́ѼѡȁݥѠ)ѡȁɕ]ѕٕȁѡ)ɕͽԁЁٔѡ)éͥѕɕЁȁ)ɽɕ饹ȁՔѕѥ)͍́ѡ)ѕѼՍ̸ѕ́ɔ)ɅѼɕɥ)̰͔ѡ䁵Ёѡ)ѡЁѡɔ́)ݥѠՑЁ́ɥ)́ѡЁݥѡͱݱ丁 )ѡ䁕՝ѕѥѼ)ѡȁ̰́