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Do you remember the times when story time was your favorite time of the day and you waited patiently for your parents to spend those precious few moments with you, while reading out the tales of adventure, chivalry, love and friendship? That was the time when you got excited about getting illustrated books for presents and revered them more than your toys and stuffed bunnies. What they say about books is really true. Books are presents that you can open again and again. If you had a life like most of the book lovers, most of your interests must have revolved around books, not to mention the discussions that you might have with any other human being. 5 Being a book lover means that you wait for a book patiently and desperately, and at the same time, try to visualize every possible scenario in your head that might happen in it. If you have ever been guilty of pre-booking your books before they have released well, you are not alone. Who needs Kate Spade’s Ath-leisure special edition collection when you can get your hands on the latest J.D. Robb novel? It’s true that they made a movie out of The Book Thief, but you read it before it was cool. And this is due to your relentless obsession with books. If you are one of the few who have yet to discover the joy of reading (and yes we say this with utmost sincerity), this magazine will surely convert you.