Authorship - Page 59

results are in your favor and you don’t end up being in the belly of the beast (figuratively). Our fearless and tactful heroes and heroines have taught us that in order to persevere and sail through a bad situation or even a surprisingly good one, you have to use your brain and your wits to make sure that you are one of the least awk- ward persons in your life’s story. Dreaming about a perfect solution is not going to cut it. Exercising your brain for finding the ideal solution to every dilemma is what you should be focusing on and books teach us exactly that. Do you ever applaud the author for working out a difficult situation in the story? Do you feel awe-in- spired by the author’s ability to extract the protagonist from the antagonists’ clutches, and are victorious in all the battles they fight? But have you also noticed that the characters in the books use all their abilities to the fullest to get out of a seemingly bad situation. If you haven’t yet read the Mortal Instruments, and been inspired by how Clary Fairchild (who hadn’t even been raised in the fashion of shadow hunters) was able to defeat her father Valentine Morgenstern, then you need to read that ASAP. She did what no member of the Clave or the Circle was ever able to do and she did that by methodically eliminating hurdles in her path and making the right decisions throughout the amazing book series. All you need to do is to learn from famous book char- acters and although your life might not be as excit- ing as the books and you might not have an evil villain in your pursuit or the responsibility to save the world, you still have the duty to save yourself and that is a sacred duty. So, be vigilant, make wise decisions and stay out of trouble by using the wisdom of authors and their inspiring characters. 58