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Books Will Make You More Adept at Handling Surprising Situations Handling surprising situations is not a piece of cake and no we are not talking about acting happi- ly surprised when your family whips out a birthday cake on the eve of your birthday, but more like you are being handled unceremoniously by a bully and what you should do in such situations. Not many people can think on their feet and this is what leads to disastrous situations and decisions. Remember, when you were forced to choose a major for your studies and you did that on a whim, thinking that you will be able to deal with it after- wards, but you couldn’t? Well, think before you talk or think carefully before you leap are some of the lessons that can be extracted from many stories, but have you ever paid any heed to them? Most of the time people just ignore that you have to be tactful, while dealing with an uncomfortable situation. Not only that but you have to use every power at your disposal to make sure that the end 57