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Books Will Help You Avoid Grave Mistakes Do you ever put yourself in a character’s shoes and think about what you would have done if you were in their place? And does it happen that what you think you would do if you were ever in their place is exactly the opposite of what actually happens in the book? If that is so, then you need to pay more attention to how the protago- nists use their sense of chivalry, intelligence and courage to make the most out of worse situations and avoid being in grave dangers just depending on their wits. Avoiding grave mistakes in real life is not easy or cannot be avoid- ed at times. Sometimes you don’t even realize that you are walking into a trap until you are already halfway through it and then you just want to kill yourself before the villain does because that was so stupid. Books can be perfect teachers in such circum- stances. Not only that, books can also teach us that you should not only try to avoid making mistakes in your life, but you should learn from them as well. When you are reading a book, you should pay attention if a character makes a grave mistake and observe how his decision affects his or her life. Every decision we make and every mistake we make, can define the rest of our life or relationship with an individual or an institution. A simple decision of not taking the bus might mar the chance of meeting a potential new best friend. Each action has consequences and to make sure that these consequences are positive, we need to make sure that we turn to our trusted advisors, that is books. Although you might have made mistakes in the past and might even be in the habit of repeating them, remember that you are not a slave to your past and you can break free from your bad habits to evolve your personality. Books teach us that we only learn through our mistakes and blunders and an individual is defined by his success as well as his failures in equal respect. Books teach us to learn from our mistakes and believe that we can be a better human being in the future and can do better. When you accept that failures and mistakes are part of your life, you can use the lessons extracted from books, their characters and their numerous adventures, for the betterment of your own ability to correct your mistakes in life. 56