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Books Will Tell You That Not All Fairytales Have a Happy Ending Life is not a fairytale and events seldom turn out to be how we expect them to. Clichés that are abounding in fictional stories and novels (people falling in love on email, seriously?) seldom happen in real life. We are not saying that they never happen, they do, but that is a one in a thousand chance. Books can be your champion, teaching you that life might not be a bed of roses. No matter how hard you try, you might not be reward- ed for all your troubles, and after a hard day of work, you might be cheated out of your deserved remuneration. No matter how kind hearted you are you might bep- assed over for a prettier girl when love is concerned. Books also teach us that your self-worth is the most important thing in the world. No matter how the world treats you, you can prevent the balance of your self-es- teem from tipping dangerously. You can be independent, coura- geous and kind and even if life throws you a curve ball, you can persevere. Books teach us that falling down in your couture gown doesn’t mean that you can’t brush the dust away and stand up with renewed spirit. Books that have been adapted by Disney don’t always tell the truth. Twisting the stories to suit the younger audi- ences is not really being authentic is it? Books remain faithful and true to the darker adaptations of fairy tales who teach us that a perfect life can turn into a nightmare. Books teach us that in this world, emotions like love, kindness and chivalry exist, but in the same world concepts like rape, cannibal- ism, torture, cruelty, infanticide and incest also prevail. To close your eyes to these unseemly issues, praying that they will go away, is not the right perspective, and books teach us that no matter how unseemly or forsaken a matter might be, you must have the courage to face and survive anything, even in today’s sterilized society. Books teach us that life is not a series of love songs and characters with sunny dispositions and impressionable minds. Behind every story, a lesson is hidden. Whether it’s the sexual implication of the Little Red Riding Hood, or the eventual suicide of Ariel in The Little Mermaid; there are countless examples that depict, no matter how the media tries to render these fairytales into child friendly versions, we will always have the books that will clearly and honestly tell the real story behind each fairytale. Books like The Myrtle Tree, Biancabella, The Snake, Sun, Moon, and Talia, and The Juniper Tree are some of the most notable fairytales that have been trans- formed into completely different stories to render them suitable for children, but if adult readers are interested in their real versions, these books will deliver the dark and disturbed version faithfully. 50