Authorship - Page 47

are books in this world that will prevent you from going mad with anxiety and boredom. Some books are thrilling, while others can be just humorous and enter- taining. Some might be sad, pulling you in emotionally, until you feel like you know the char- acters intimately and you are unable to pull away from the emotional turmoil. Sometimes books can make you forget that you were bored in the first place, because they are just that pow- erful. When you are immersed in a great book, you are shocked to find that so many hours have passed and the drastic and desperate feeling of boredom is nonexistent. All you feel now is the surreal and peaceful feeling of being a book nerd, who is happy in an imaginary world. If you have books in your life, be assured you will never be bored. You will never be one of those people who say that they have nothing to do, because you always have books reserved for reading. In fact, you plan your free time around that book and you count the hours until you will have it in your hands, and quench the thirst of curiosity and calm those nagging worrying thoughts about the characters, so you can put them to rest. 46