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Books Will Help You Avoid Boredom Books can act as a great entertainer and why would you ever want to put down a book, which has so much to offer you. Thrill, fight scenes and epic romantic interludes between two headstrong protagonists! Yes please! Some books are written solely to appeal to the minds of the readers who not only enjoy the pure entertainment side of the books, but also revel in them. Books like The Passage by Justin Croninand and What Was She Thinking? by Zoë Heller are the perfect examples of narra- tives that are difficult to put down once you have started them, and if you started these books for just light night reading, well say goodbye to your sleep because you are not getting any, not by a long shot. The interludes and enthralling dialogues and intro- duction of characters will make your heartbeat soar and you will be forced to read until your eyes bleed. If you ever need to break your boring routine, choosing a book might be your best option to chase the blues away. When the internet seems pointless, there is nothing good on TV, and your friends are just too lazy to plan a day out, books can be an amaz- ing way to spend a peaceful day 45 at home, when no one will distract you from the book you were aiming to read. Books can be the answer to all your prob- lems and if boredom is ailing you then reading is the most obvious solution, isn’t it? Not only will it save you any physical efforts, but you can also experience a whole new world, just by sitting in a cozy little setting at your home. Boredom can destroy you emotionally and sometimes the feelings of desperation are so strong that you want to pull your hair out. You might even consid- er rearranging your closet! Thank the mighty heavens that there