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Books Will Make You More Empathetic Some books are just sad or have disappointing endings, while there are some that tear our hearts from our bosoms and crush them into a thousand pieces. As a reader, there must have been dozens of times when you might have folded yourself into a fetal position and cried your heart out over a book you are reading. The death of Rudy in The Book Thief and devasta- tion of the 2004 Tsunami, which ruined several lives and tore families apart in Sonali Deraniya- gala’s Wave, will awaken within you empathy and the feelings of kindness toward your fellow beings. Sometimes we feel that our life is the worst. What we have is never enough and every- thing that happens to us is so unfair. However, reading books teaches us that what we have makes us better than thousands and we have things that people only dream about having. We might take common medical facilities for granted, but for a child in Somalia that might be the difference between life and death. We might get offended by our teachers or even make fun of them, but for a native Bengali Villager, a teacher might be equal to God, someone who is worthy of being worshipped. Books narrate stories that reso- nate with us and while they may be unsettling and uncomforting at times, they still manage to make a powerful impact on us. Sometimes you might want to fade away into the voids of society, with the sole purpose of disappearing among the folds of the crowds, but books teach us that in trying to prove your worth to yourself, you will need to tear apart the juxtaposition of grief and happiness that you might have experienced in life. Some tales wriggle their way into your heart and stay there for a very long time. They might even guide your actions in future and change the way you treat a potential disastrous situation. You might not consider the power you have over someone’s destruction. Each person has the power to destroy or mend the heart of someone closer to them and humans take that responsi- bility lightly. Books teach you to be empa- thetic and kind and to know that even when you think you have lost everything and everyone, your pain will help you perse- vere. The Art of Racing in the Rain is a book, which might be deceptive at first. I mean you might think that hey, it will be fun because it is the life story of a dog! Little would you know that the tale is told from the dog’s imagination and the emotions of love, loss and grief are as power- ful as a ton of water, submerging you beneath the powerful crush of waves. Some books will let you shed tears, while some will uplift your mood and make you believe in humanity once more. Bewitching tales of loss might want you to reach inside the tale and help the characters some- how, but all you will feel is the drenching sorrow of a tragic end that will devastate you, but help you to emerge as a better person and a changed one after reading it. Some books will get your hopes up like Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and some will let your emotions churn throughout the read. Overall, you might think that staying away from all of the heart wrenching tales might do you some good, but you can’t stop yourself from reading them because in truth you are a little addicted to the bare truth of humanity and the emotions that these books interpret in a precise manner. 44