Authorship - Page 42

The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma lays down the facts that when you are dealing with the topic of leadership, the topics of empathy, understanding and modesty are often omitted from the literature. However, what most people don’t realize is that they prove to be the founda- tion of being a successful leader. A point in life when you won’t even need a title to lead people. A point in life where you will influence people, and generate the feelings of compliance and respect wherever you go. Those are the signs of a true leader. L. David Marquet’s Turn the Ship Around! and Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek teach their readers that you can be a leader that can inspire their followers to feel that they are trusted and applauded for their efforts and that they are indispensible. When you get to a point where those working with you or for you are on their way towards achiev- ing their idealistic beliefs and aims, you have achieved your goal of being an inspiring leader. 41