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Books Make You a Great Leader There is a great saying that all leaders are readers, and that is true. If you have ever heard an interview or a speech from a great leader or have ever heard them answer the question that how they were inspired to do what they did, or what is the secret to their success as an entrepreneur, author or even a great leader, the most common answer is that they read. That’s right. They love books and label them as the secret behind their success. Books can surely contrib- ute to a person’s ability to be great and they make your brain muscles work harder. Not only that, but by reading books you are able to get precious insights into the minds of great leaders and strategists that lived before your time. Sun Tzu’s war strategy is something which inspires the leaders of today, even after the death of the master centuries before. Being a boss and a leader are two very different things and a reader explicitly knows the difference between the two. creating a dominating and influen tial personality at the workplace. The depths with which the book describes the science of leadership is incredible, and the detailed outline of the personality and work ethic traits will help you lead others. A leader inspires within his people the ambition to do more and be more. He makes efforts and is involved with his subordinates every step of the way. He owns the success as well as the failures of his team. Books can make you a better leader, one that not only inspires loyalty but love within his team and subordinates. In Primal Leader- ship, the author Daniel Goodman educates you about the finer points of emotional intelligence. Furthermore, empathy and cordial understanding play a crucial role in Of course, luck can define a person’s success, but a person cannot be a great leader by luck. For that, you have to develop within you certain qualities and this is where books can be the ultimate masters of training for you. Books teach us that shouting at someone or instilling fear might not be the way to go. Understand- ing the needs of others and apply- ing counter effective measures for solving complex problems will help you achieve an optimal and successful place in the market as well as allow you to achieve a primal place in life. "A leader inspires within his people the ambition to do more and be more" 40