Authorship - Page 4

Some people say that reading is the soul of life. For some it may be true, if you consider its blessings on your lives and intellect. Books come into our lives when we are kids and accompany us to the grave. They are our true constant companions in lonely nights, embracing us in their warm cocoon, providing us with a certain sense of security that is unknown to those who don’t read. Without books you wouldn’t have the amazing imagination that you possess today. Whether it was Harry Potter or The Lion, or the Witch and the Wardrobe, books opened for you a whole new world. possible by taking little steps and graduating from illustrated books to short stories and then to novels and classics that opened a whole new world for you. Books are like the most wonderful teachers that are patient and understanding. They teach you to be a better, brighter and smarter version of yourself and help you understand the feelings of innocence, love, grief, and treachery. There were so many emotions that were unknown to you and books introduced you to them. When you thought that you had no friends, books stepped up and were your constant companions for years. Understanding the emotions and complexities of plots was made As a self-proclaimed nerd, coming across someone who 3 doesn’t read is a new, baffling experience. Hearing somebody say they don’t read is like hearing them say, that they don’t breathe or live or love. There are not many things that are worse than burning books. One of them is not reading them. But alas there are people who don’t read and haven’t done so for a better part of their lives. For avid readers, this may be confusing and an unnatural fact. People who don’t read?! Could “People who don’t read?! Could they really be out there?”