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reading list can help you ace any conversation with flying colors. Although, some people have the innate ability to be interesting, having the power of literature behind you is an added perquisite and who would say no to that? Oswald Spengler’s The Decline Of The West and Das Capital by Karl Marx teaches us that politics and knowledge about history can make us interesting and seem smarter than we actually are. Authors like Vladimir Nabokov, J.D. Salinger, Franz Kafka and William Shakespeare will open your mind to newer hori- zons. The experience of being introduced to the profound knowledge that has been hidden from you will illuminate the dark corners of your mind, devel- oping within you a relentless thirst for more. The process of learning is endless and books add so much to your personality, making you smart- er and more interesting, not only in the eyes of your friends but also your own self. You will start appreci- ating yourself and depending on your powers of intellect to maneuver difficult situations in life. Books can teach you how memory works and you will be able to talk about time, life, feelings and even the nature of existing within this world. We believe that reading through an author’s point of view will make you interesting; regardless of the genre or topic they cover. A good book can hook you from the start, and this is a profoundly transfor- mative moment in which you realize that your life will be changed forever. The insatiable hunger and the macabre sense of achieving the goal of con- suming every piece of literature ever written or at least within your favorite genre are likely to make you more appealing in the eyes of your peers. Whether you are relegating tales of war, or romantic conquests of lands far away, your audience will be as invested in your conversation as much as you are in the author’s narration. 38