Authorship - Page 37

Or A Man If you ever feared that your actions might create a domino effect that might ruin your reputa- tion of goodwill, well you clearly haven’t read about the fearless heroes, who don’t have a care in the world and work towards the greater good without fearing for their own safety and wondering if they will ever come back alive from a mission. Whether its Agent 007 or Indiana Jones, men throughout history have made quite an impact in literature and this is due to the fact that they are portrayed by the authors as individuals, who are larger than life. Teenagers like Percy Jack- son and Eragon Shadeslayer were able to defeat the odds and you can too, because books have taught us that no matter how much disadvantage we are at, we can use our courage and fearlessness to overcome any hurdle in our path. Books have taught men that they can be whatever they want. They can be dancers and cooks, and they can be fashion editors and racecar drivers. The chains of social expectations have bound men for far too long and have impris- oned their ambitions for hun- dreds of years. But books have made us realize that men can be whoever they want. They shouldn’t be afraid of the world and shouldn’t lead their lives in accordance to the norms. Because they are their own men and don’t need pre-defined principles to define them. 36