Authorship - Page 35

just be a mirage. A reality, larger than we have ever imagined, might be waiting for us, only if we have the courage to take that step into the unknown, trusting that on the other side our curiosities will be met with satisfaction. If you have ever wondered about the origin of our universe, and how it came to be, books have a collection of theories that will let you critically analyze the cosmological events and who knows you might even deduce the meaning of life! Books will take you into the unexplored territory of war, poverty and injustice. Feelings that you have not yet experienced, but are curious about. Feeling alien emotions on behalf of the charac- ters in the books will let you critically analyze important issues, that prevail in our society and that demands our action and attention. Books can teach us that some problems need eradication while others need reform and they teach us the solution to differentiate between each one of them. If you somehow believe that you have “made it” in this world, you can’t be much further away from the truth. If you were a character in a book series, you might still have at least three more books to go. Think about how you can move forward to set new goals and achieve so much more than what you have previously. Books always teach us to never give up and if you are thinking of giving up because your mind is in a rut and your thought process is going off in continuous loops, then you need a fresh start- literature wise. Reading a new perspective from another author can primp up your thinking and let you refresh your imagination and creativity as well as analytical thinking. Thinking analytically might not be an easy feat if you decide to do that on your own, but with the help of a book, you will not only sail through but will emerge a victor. 34