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Books Can Help You Think Analytically If you are in search of answers to questions pertaining to the existential crisis you are going through, you are almost there, because my friend, books have the insane ability to do just that. Not all of them though. Some of them are written for pure entertainment and for satisfying our need for insane drama and unimaginable scenarios. Nevertheless, some of them satisfy our curiosity and make us look at things in a different way. The minute you read about how most of the species got extinct, you will start to value the animals around you more, wouldn’t you? However, some thought provoking books could pick your brain and make that light bulb (at the top of your head) go crazy. Some people might find them boring and too dry, but for some 33 they are just their cup of tea. Books that target your analytical thinking focus more on the deeper values of life. What we think, how we think, what we believe, and why. These are the main precipices that make us… well, us. Books emphasize that the modern generation’s virtues and failures force us to rethink the balanc- ing scales, the properties of external success, and the core beliefs of our society like honesty, faithfulness, love, courage, and kindness. Books preserve the finest points in our memory and tell us that even during the darkest times, our brain has the ability to persevere and defeat the onset of the crushing darkness that is slowly devouring it. Books make us realize that what we see might