Authorship - Page 33

Since you started reading books, they changed you and helped you grow. The things that you didn’t understand about life gradually became clear and transformed your vision. If you thought that random coincidences were just coincidences, books taught you that this could just be the begin- ning of a greater destiny. If you are underestimat ing your skills and determination, books will teach you that you can discount nothing when powers of destiny are at play and each of them will play a critical role in shaping you. Books can whip the veil of worldly nonsense from your eyes, thus making life easily discernible and clear. Enlightening the world and its properties and making us realize that life is not fair and gentle; books have always played a positive role in defining your life. Books have taught you that thinking with a crowd can sometimes be dangerous and steering clear of mob mentality is the smartest thing to do. However, sometimes books teach us that the wisdom of crowds can be used to our advantage if we think about the combined brilliance and intelli- gence. Books teach us that in order to change the way you think, all you need is a credible and con- crete way of life. All you have to do is stick to your ideas and beliefs and let the right aptitude bring you forward. In your life, you must have been taught to think analytically. Although serious thinking is important, it is not enough. Being creative, empa- thetic, emotional and innovative is what makes you outshine the crowd and achieve professional and personal wellbeing. Books take us on a journey filled with empathy and humor, and in the process help us find ourselves. Books have often been the proponent of the belief “Be yourself”, and they have allowed thousands of people to embrace their extrovert and introvert nature. People like these have achieved stunning levels of success, without letting their social orientation stand in their way, because books have give n them the courage to come forward with their forward-thinking ideas and to present them to the world, without fearing failure. When we are little, we often develop a fixed mindset, of who we are, what we are capable of and what we can achieve. But books are the amazing tools that shatter all our pre-conceived notions and help us form new, great- er ones, that help us become more than what we ever dreamed of becoming. 32